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tv   [untitled]    July 26, 2011 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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many citizens who get into this do so with a very unclear understanding of what exactly that community benefit district is going to do. for example, the library commission had a presentation, and they were basically told a very generic things about we are going to work on sign it and do this and do that, but nothing specific. they agreed to a 10-year, $20,000 a year, which will be over $200,000 at a minimum, commitment. they did so almost nothing. these community benefit districts are also difficult when you try to use the public records law, the sunshine ordinance, to try to get some real financial data to see exactly what the heck is going on with it. they will fight you to and nail. they will act like they are dumber than a box of rocks and just do not understand a very simple request. recently, i made a request to the library commission about their relationship with the friends of the library, and they have been just delaying and
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delaying. they will not say simple things like how much money they raised last year. they raised $5 million. how much of that money actually made it into the library either in cash donations or in-kind donations? they have already hidden all this information, and they just give these things -- "we provided this much money this year and we did this in this year" -- but there are different years. there is no way to confirm it. some of the comments from previous speakers that they do not know what is going on or do not understand and have concerns about where the money is going need to be address. supervisor chiu: thank you. any other members of the public that wish to speak in support of this district? ok, at this time, why don't we move to members of the public that wish to speak in opposition of the district? please step up.
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if you could step up to the microphone, yes. >> good afternoon. i am a homeowner. i was opposed to the project from the very beginning, and i did not accept the way it was made. it was not, for me, a democratic vote. i do not think the program has fulfilled what they plan to offer us. many times, these last five years, i called and requested -- -- requested they tell me where the money went, and i never received a single answer.
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did they clean up? yes, but it is not as different as it was before. my st. is continually full of leftovers from the restaurants -- my street is continually full of leftovers from the restaurants, the business people in the area, and it stays there. we, the homeowners, have to pay for them to clean the streets, and i believe that is not our obligation. the best benefit was to have improvements in the library and the others. for me, to continue paying that association is not fair, and i do not think it should pass. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. my name is charles spencer.
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i am is small business owner on fillmore. on july 11, i resigned as treasurer of the fillmore community but the district. i support the cbd. i think it is a great way to bring local resources to the local level. on july 11, i resigned as treasurer. i have several copies of my letter of resignation for your convenience if you would like to see it. the content is correct. i wanted to make some comments. on may 26, the gao committee approved the resolution to renew the fillmore cbd with some conditions. one was that it becomes subject to the sunshine ordinance. the second was that the fillmore cbd more accurately reflect the intent and content of the bylaws. when seeing the draft resolution, i did not see those amendments. i was surprised and concerns.
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i ask that you support and approve the fillmore cbd renewal with those two amendments. thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. in 1957, i was a child. in 1958, the redevelopment agency walk up or made the announcement that the fillmore would be changed and that most folks would have to leave. my family was one of those families that left. over the course of time, the mayors, the supervisors, a number of others said that there would come a time when the
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african-american community, which had been, of course, as you all know, brought to san francisco to help build the ships that helped win world war ii, would be able to come back to the fillmore. that date has yet to arrive. i come not in opposition of the cbd. i think it is an important aspect of governance in the fillmore district, but i believe there is a lack of transparency within that group, and this is what concerns me. i also believe that there needs to be more residents who are members of that community involved in that cbd. i noted they have established committees, but i do not see the kind of commitment to allow persons from that afro-centric
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rich center of the community -- king-party square -- king-garvey square and some of the other tenant associations and bald, and i think they should be because it gives a true flavor of what the fillmore was. most of the folks on the cbd are more recent arrivals to the neighborhood, and they do not have the -- [bell rings] thank you. supervisor chiu: thank you. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in opposition of the cbd? as i mentioned, supervisor mirkarimi will be making a motion to continue this item. today, we will not be tabulating the results. there will still be an opportunity for individuals who did not testify today if you want to testify on the 13th to do so, but at this time, this
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hearing will be held open until then. supervisor mirkarimi has made a motion to that effect. is there anything you would like to add? supervisor mirkarimi: i will reserve the rest of my comments until the 13th. i look forward to having the economic -- office of workforce development work with all parties involved. the cbd has grown considerably. it has some refinements in its renewal for another seven-year consideration, and i am hoping over the next seven weeks that there will be those improvements. i look forward to us ratifying those. motion to continue to the 13th. supervisor chiu: supervisor mirkarimi has made a motion to continue, seconded by supervisor mar. without objection, this item will be continued to the 13th of september. until then, the hearing will still be open, so individuals
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who did not have a chance to comment today will be able to do so. without objection, this item is continued. what i would like to do at this time is we have 1 3:30 special commendation. the mayor is going to sign our 2012 -- our 2011-2012 budget, so we will recessed shortly to join him for that. what i would like to do as the person who is going to make the commendation as i would like to ask david lewis to please approach the podium. colleagues, as i think some of you know, i am the representative of this body to bcdc, and as i think we know, our day is an incredible resource to san francisco and to california that it is part of what defines us as an area. it is part of what reminds us of
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the environment. is an obvious economic and tourist attraction. as part of our way of life. 50 years ago, there was a significant controversy in the bay area. there were proposals to continue to fill in the bay. the organization save the bay was founded in 1961. it mobilized thousands of individuals to help save the san francisco bay from destruction, to ensure that it is protected from pollution and inappropriate shoreline development. over its history, the organization has helped to engage more than 25,000 supporters, advocates, and volunteers to protect the bay. for those of you who had a chance to see the recent pdf series narrated by robert redford, you would appreciate the history of what everyone has tried to do to protect this incredible natural resource and historic resource, and in particular, the work of saved the day. i wanted to take the opportunity to help celebrate the 50th
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anniversary of the largest regional organization working to celebrate our san francisco bay, an organization that has been named non-profit of the year by the bay area chapter of the association for corporate growth and an organization that has been recognized repeatedly for its work on the environment. with that, david lewis, congratulations. >> supervisors, this body has been second to none in taking a leadership role in protecting the environment, and especially protecting san francisco bay. during my tenure leading this organization, there really is no city or county in the region that has taken such a leadership role, and we are proud to be celebrating his anniversary. we will be celebrating with a gala on november 3, and i hope all of you will be able to attend. i look forward to working with
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all of you for many more years continuing that record and restoring san francisco bay. thank you very much. supervisor chiu: thank you and congratulations. [applause] with that, as i mentioned, if we could take a short recess to join the mayor with regards to the budget signing. we will come back probably a little bit before 4:00 p.m. we will adjourn temporarily.
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